Tiger Coloring Pages

Last Update: 22/06/24
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Tigers are incredible big cats known for their striking stripes and powerful presence. Below, you'll find coloring pages that will help you learn more about these magnificent animals while having fun!

Tiger Coloring Pages, Tiger with glasses show print download
Tiger with glasses
Tiger Coloring Pages, Happy tiger show print download
Happy tiger
Tiger Coloring Pages, Cartoon tiger show print download
Cartoon tiger
Tiger Coloring Pages, Mandala tiger for beginner show print download
Mandala tiger for beginner

Each tiger, tigress, and cub can't wait to see you with a brush or crayon in hand! 🐅👑 They are the rulers of the jungle, full of strength and ready to pounce onto your A4 or US letter paper. Just pick the tiger that speaks to you, click the button below the picture, and get your PDF instantly and for free. 🎨

More Printable Tiger Colorings

Tiger Coloring Pages, Tiger in jungle show print download
Tiger in jungle
Tiger Coloring Pages, Funny tiger show print download
Funny tiger
Tiger Coloring Pages, Original picture of Tiger show print download
Original picture of Tiger
Tiger Coloring Pages, Realistic tiger face show print download
Realistic tiger face
Tiger Coloring Pages, Adult realistic tiger show print download
Adult realistic tiger
Tiger Coloring Pages, Cartoon baby Tiger show print download
Cartoon baby Tiger
Tiger Coloring Pages, Cute baby Tiger show print download
Cute baby Tiger
Tiger Coloring Pages, Adult tiger and baby show print download
Adult tiger and baby

How to Color Your Tigers

When it comes to coloring your tigers, the choice of tools is totally up to you! Crayons are great for a soft and classic look. Markers give you bright and bold colors, perfect for those cartoon tigers. And if you're aiming for a realistic masterpiece, colored pencils are your best friends – they let you blend and shade like a pro.

Picking the Perfect Colors

Tigers are famous for their beautiful orange fur with bold black stripes. For a realistic touch, use shades of orange, black, and white. Don't forget the lighter colors for the tiger's belly and around the eyes. For a fun twist, why not try coloring a cartoon tiger in funky colors? Think blue, pink, or even rainbow – the sky’s the limit!

Fun Tiger Facts to Inspire Your Coloring

Did you know that tigers are the largest wild cats in the world? This cool fact might inspire you while you color in a mighty tiger on your page. Also, tigers have unique stripe patterns, just like human fingerprints. Maybe try creating your own unique stripe design for your tiger!

Popular Tigers to Guide Your Creativity

If you’re looking for some tiger inspiration, here are a few famous tigers you might know:

  • Shere Khan from The Jungle Book: A fierce and powerful tiger with striking stripes. You can capture his intimidating look with deep orange and black hues.
  • Tigger from Winnie the Pooh: A fun and bouncy tiger who loves to play. Think about adding some playful details and bright colors!
  • Richard Parker from Life of Pi: A majestic and noble tiger with a realistic appearance. Perfect for practicing your shading and blending skills.