Lion Coloring Pages

Last Update: 20/06/24
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Lions are amazing creatures known as the kings and queens of the animal kingdom. Below, you'll find coloring pages that will help you learn more about these majestic animals while having fun!

Lion Coloring Pages, Lion with glasses show print download
Lion with glasses
Lion Coloring Pages, Lion child show print download
Lion child
Lion Coloring Pages, Angry lion show print download
Angry lion
Lion Coloring Pages, Zentagle big lion show print download
Zentagle big lion

Each lion, lioness, and cub can't wait to see you with a brush or crayon in hand! 🦁👑 They are the rulers of the wild, full of grace and ready to leap onto your A4 or US letter paper. Just pick the lion that speaks to you, click the button below the picture, and get your PDF instantly and for free.🎨

More Printable Lions Coloring Pages

Lion Coloring Pages, Grace lion face show print download
Grace lion face
Lion Coloring Pages, coloring pages mountain lion show print download
coloring pages mountain lion
Lion Coloring Pages, Lion face in mandala show print download
Lion face in mandala
Lion Coloring Pages, Realistic Lion Coloring page show print download
Realistic Lion Coloring page
Lion Coloring Pages, Funny baby Lion show print download
Funny baby Lion
Lion Coloring Pages, Cartoon baby Lion show print download
Cartoon baby Lion
Lion Coloring Pages, A lion lies near the river show print download
A lion lies near the river
Lion Coloring Pages, Zentagle Lion show print download
Zentagle Lion

How to Color Your Lions

Crayons, Markers, and Colored Pencils, Oh My! When it comes to coloring your lions, the choice of tools is totally up to you! Crayons are great for a soft and classic look. Markers give you bright and bold colors, perfect for those cartoon lions. And if you're aiming for a realistic masterpiece, colored pencils are your best friends – they let you blend and shade like a pro.

Picking the Perfect Colors Lions are known for their majestic golden-brown manes and tawny fur. For a realistic touch, use shades of yellow, orange, brown, and even a hint of red for the mane. Don't forget the lighter colors for the lion's belly and around the eyes. For a fun twist, why not try coloring a cartoon lion in funky colors? Think purple, green, or even rainbow – the sky’s the limit!

Fun Lion Facts to Inspire Your Coloring

Did you know that lions are the only big cats that live in groups called prides? This could be a fun fact to think about while you color in a pride of lions on your page. Also, male lions are known for their majestic manes, which can range in color from blonde to black. The darker the mane, the older and more dominant the lion. Maybe try adding some darker shades to your lion’s mane to show it’s the king of the jungle!

Popular Lions to Guide Your Creativity

If you’re looking for some lion inspiration, here are a few famous lions you might know:

  • Simba from The Lion King: A young lion with a golden coat and a big heart. Maybe add some scenes from the Pride Lands in the background!
  • Alex the Lion from Madagascar: With his bright eyes and friendly smile, Alex is perfect for those who love a more cartoonish style.
  • Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia: A noble and wise lion with a rich golden mane. You can capture his majestic look with some deep gold and brown hues.