Elephant Coloring Pages

Last Update: 21/06/24
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Elephants are incredible animals known for their intelligence and enormous size. Below, you'll find coloring pages that will help you learn more about these gentle giants while having fun!

Elephant Coloring Pages, Face of elephant show print download
Face of elephant
Elephant Coloring Pages, Elephant child show print download
Elephant child
Elephant Coloring Pages, Cartoon elephant show print download
Cartoon elephant
Elephant Coloring Pages, Baby Elephant show print download
Baby Elephant

Each elephant, big and small, is eager to see you with a brush or crayon in hand! 🐘👑 They are the giants of the wild, full of wisdom and ready to stomp onto your A4 or US letter paper. Just pick the elephant that speaks to you, click the button below the picture, and get your PDF instantly and for free. 🎨

More Printable Elephant Coloring Pages

Elephant Coloring Pages, Elephant in savanna show print download
Elephant in savanna
Elephant Coloring Pages, Simple adult Elephant show print download
Simple adult Elephant
Elephant Coloring Pages, Adult Elephant in the wild show print download
Adult Elephant in the wild
Elephant Coloring Pages, Elephant in zoo show print download
Elephant in zoo
Elephant Coloring Pages, Mandala Elephant show print download
Mandala Elephant
Elephant Coloring Pages, Simple Elephant, front side show print download
Simple Elephant, front side
Elephant Coloring Pages, Earth and Elephant show print download
Earth and Elephant
Elephant Coloring Pages, Small cute Elephant show print download
Small cute Elephant

How to Color Your Elephants

Crayons, Markers, and Colored Pencils! When it comes to coloring your elephants, you have plenty of options! Crayons are perfect for a soft, textured look. Markers provide vibrant and bold colors, ideal for those cartoon elephants. For a more realistic touch, use colored pencils to blend and shade, capturing the true beauty of these majestic animals.

Picking the Perfect Colors

Elephants are often grey, but you can use various shades to add depth and realism. Try different greys, from light to dark, and don't forget to add a touch of pink for the inside of their ears and the tip of their trunk. For a fun twist, go wild with colors – maybe a purple or blue elephant will be the star of your coloring page!

Fun Elephant Facts to Inspire Your Coloring

Did you know that elephants have an incredible memory? This could be a fun fact to think about while you color in your elephant's wise and gentle eyes. Elephants are also known for their long trunks, which they use for everything from drinking water to picking up objects. Maybe add some interesting background elements for your elephant to interact with!

Popular Elephants to Guide Your Creativity

If you’re looking for some elephant inspiration, here are a few famous elephants you might know:

  • Dumbo from Dumbo: A young elephant with big ears and a big heart. Maybe add some circus elements in the background!
  • Horton from Horton Hears a Who!: With his kind eyes and caring nature, Horton is perfect for those who love a more cartoonish style.
  • Babar from Babar the Elephant: A noble and wise elephant with a royal look. You can capture his regal appearance with some vibrant colors for his clothes and crown.