Panther Coloring Pages

Last Update: 10/06/24
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Panthers are amazing big cats known for their sleek, dark fur and mysterious aura, making them the ultimate jungle stealth masters. On this page, we’re going to uncover the magic of these incredible animals through our unique coloring pages just for you!

Panther Coloring Pages, Panther with glasses show print download
Panther with glasses
Panther Coloring Pages, Panther kawaii show print download
Panther kawaii
Panther Coloring Pages, Panther cute show print download
Panther cute
Panther Coloring Pages, Mandala Panther show print download
Mandala Panther

Panthers are like the big cats of the jungle 🐾, and who knows, they might just purr when you start tickling them with your brushes 🎨😺. So hurry up and pick your favorite Panther, download it for free, and bring it to life on your (for now) blank sheet of paper! 🖼️✨

More Printable Panther Colorings

Panther Coloring Pages, Zentagle Panther show print download
Zentagle Panther
Panther Coloring Pages, Panther Tattoo idea show print download
Panther Tattoo idea
Panther Coloring Pages, Elegant realisctic Panther in city show print download
Elegant realisctic Panther in city
Panther Coloring Pages, Adult Panther on mountains show print download
Adult Panther on mountains
Panther Coloring Pages, Agressive face of Panther show print download
Agressive face of Panther
Panther Coloring Pages, Baby cartoon Panther show print download
Baby cartoon Panther
Panther Coloring Pages, Mandala Panther face show print download
Mandala Panther face
Panther Coloring Pages, Baby Panther show print download
Baby Panther

What to Use for Coloring

First things first, let’s talk about what you can use to color your Panthers:

  • Crayons: Perfect for younger kids, crayons are easy to handle and come in lots of colors.
  • Colored Pencils: Great for adding detail and blending colors. They’re my personal favorite for getting those realistic fur textures.
  • Markers: If you want vibrant and bold colors, markers are the way to go. Just be careful not to press too hard to avoid bleeding through the paper.
  • Watercolors: For a soft and blended look, watercolors are fantastic. Just make sure your paper is thick enough to handle the paint!

Choosing Your Colors

Panthers are usually black, but you can get creative with your coloring! Here are some ideas:

  • Classic Black Panther: Use a mix of black and dark gray for shading. Add a hint of blue or purple to give the fur a shiny look.
  • Fantasy Panther: Who says Panthers can’t be pink or blue? Use your imagination and make a Panther that stands out!
  • Cartoon Panthers: Bright colors like blue, green, or even rainbow can make your cartoon Panther pop off the page.

Fun Panther Fact

Did you know that Panthers are actually melanistic leopards or jaguars? That means they have a gene that gives them their dark color, but if you look closely, you might still see spots under their fur. This could be a cool detail to add to your realistic Panther drawings!

Popular Panthers

If you’re looking for some inspiration, think about some famous Panthers:

  • Bagheera from The Jungle Book: Known for his sleek black coat and wise personality, you can use shades of black and gray to bring him to life.
  • Black Panther from Marvel: T'Challa’s superhero suit is black with silver accents. Add a touch of purple for that Wakandan glow.
  • The Pink Panther: This cartoon classic is all about that pink color. Add some white for highlights and a bit of black for the details.

My Coloring Experience

When I colored my Panther, I used colored pencils to get the fine details of the fur just right. I started with a base layer of dark gray, then added black on top, leaving some areas lighter to show the light hitting the fur. For a cartoon Panther, I went wild with colors – blue with green spots! It was so much fun to see how creative I could get.