Cheetah Coloring Pages

Last Update: 15/06/24
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Cheetahs are the fastest animals on land, and they have cool spots all over their bodies! With our collection of coloring pages, you'll learn more about these amazing creatures while having fun coloring them in.

Cheetah Coloring Pages, Cheetah realistic face show print download
Cheetah realistic face
Cheetah Coloring Pages, Kawaii cheetah show print download
Kawaii cheetah
Cheetah Coloring Pages, Cheetah in suit show print download
Cheetah in suit
Cheetah Coloring Pages, Cheetah angry show print download
Cheetah angry

Each cheetah is ready to race straight onto your table! 🏃‍♂️✨ All you need to do is click the print button under your favorite coloring page. 🖨️ After that, your cheetah will get all spruced up and send itself to your computer as a free PDF file. 📄✨ You can print it out on A4 or US Letter paper and start coloring right away! 🎨🖍️

More Printable Coloring Pages

Cheetah Coloring Pages, Beatiful Cheetah show print download
Beatiful Cheetah
Cheetah Coloring Pages, Simple baby Cheetah show print download
Simple baby Cheetah
Cheetah Coloring Pages, Cartoon face of Cheetah show print download
Cartoon face of Cheetah
Cheetah Coloring Pages, Cheetah in the open world show print download
Cheetah in the open world
Cheetah Coloring Pages, Adult realistic Cheetah show print download
Adult realistic Cheetah
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Cheetah face mandala
Cheetah Coloring Pages, Funny little Cheetah show print download
Funny little Cheetah
Cheetah Coloring Pages, Cartoons baby Cheetah show print download
Cartoons baby Cheetah

Choosing Your Colors

When it comes to cheetahs, they have such a unique and beautiful coat. For a realistic look, you’ll want to start with shades of yellow, orange, and tan for their body. Their spots are usually black, so a nice dark black marker or crayon will work perfectly.

For the cartoon cheetahs, you can get a bit more creative! Maybe try some fun colors like purple, blue, or green. It’s your cheetah, so make it as wild and colorful as you want!

When I colored mine, I used a bright yellow for the body and a deep black for the spots. For a cartoon cheetah, I went with a vibrant blue coat and pink spots!

What to Use for Coloring

You can use anything you like for coloring these cheetahs. Here are a few ideas:

  • Crayons: Great for younger kids because they are easy to use and come in lots of colors.
  • Markers: Perfect for bright, bold colors. Just be careful not to press too hard!
  • Colored Pencils: These are awesome for shading and adding details.

I used colored pencils for the realistic cheetah to get the shading just right and markers for the cartoon cheetah to make the colors pop!

Fun Fact About Cheetahs

Did you know that cheetahs are the fastest land animals? They can run up to 70 miles per hour! But they can only keep that speed for a short distance. This speed helps them catch their prey in the wild.

Knowing this, you can imagine your cheetah sprinting through the grasslands. Maybe add some green grass or a blue sky in the background to show them in their natural habitat.

When I was coloring, I added some tall green grass and a bright blue sky behind my cheetah to make it look like it was ready to dash off!