Leopard Coloring Pages

Last Update: 11/06/24
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Leopards are amazing big cats known for their beautiful spotted coats and incredible strength. Below, you'll find coloring pages that will help you learn more about these fascinating animals.

Leopard Coloring Pages, Leopard with glasses show print download
Leopard with glasses
Leopard Coloring Pages, Leopard in suit show print download
Leopard in suit
Leopard Coloring Pages, Leopard hunting show print download
Leopard hunting
Leopard Coloring Pages, Leopard in cartoon style show print download
Leopard in cartoon style

Did you know leopards are just like big kitties? They might even purr when you start tickling them with your brushes! 😺 So go ahead, pick the leopard you like, and download it for free to print on your (currently) blank sheet. 🎨🖍️

More Leopard Coloring Pages

Leopard Coloring Pages, Cute baby Leopard show print download
Cute baby Leopard
Leopard Coloring Pages, Leopard in full size show print download
Leopard in full size
Leopard Coloring Pages, Leopard face, zentagle, mandala show print download
Leopard face, zentagle, mandala
Leopard Coloring Pages, Leopard and moutains show print download
Leopard and moutains
Leopard Coloring Pages, Seriously Leopard show print download
Seriously Leopard
Leopard Coloring Pages, Cute big Leopard, cute image show print download
Cute big Leopard, cute image
Leopard Coloring Pages, Realistic adult Leopard in open world show print download
Realistic adult Leopard in open world
Leopard Coloring Pages, Beatiful image of Leopard show print download
Beatiful image of Leopard

What to Use for Coloring

When it comes to coloring, you can use:

  • Crayons: Great for a soft, blended look.
  • Markers: Perfect for bright, bold colors.
  • Colored Pencils: Excellent for detailed work and shading.
  • Paints: Watercolors or acrylics if you're feeling adventurous!

I personally love using colored pencils for the realistic leopards to get those fine details just right. For the cartoony ones, markers are my go-to because they make the colors pop!

Choosing Colors

Realistic Leopards:

  • Body: Golden yellow or tan.
  • Spots: Black.
  • Eyes: Bright yellow or green.
  • Nose and Ears: Pink for the inside of the ears and nose, with a touch of black around the edges.

Cartoony Leopards:

  • Feel free to get creative! Use bright blues, purples, or any color you like. Cartoony leopards can be as imaginative as you want.

Fun Fact About Leopards

Did you know that leopards are incredibly strong and can carry prey up to three times their weight up into trees? This amazing strength and agility help them avoid scavengers and enjoy their meal in peace. You can show this power in your coloring by giving your leopard a strong, muscular look and maybe even adding a tree background!

Popular Leopards in Media

Need some inspiration? Here are a few famous leopards you might know:

  • Sabor from Disney's "Tarzan" – A fierce and cunning leopard that adds a dramatic touch to the story.
  • Spots from "101 Dalmatians: The Series" – A playful and adventurous cartoon leopard with a friendly smile.

Try coloring your leopards like these famous characters, or mix and match their features to create your own unique version!

Final Tips

Don't be afraid to mix colors and experiment with shading to give your leopard more depth and dimension. And remember, there's no right or wrong way to color – just have fun and let your creativity run wild!