Pet Coloring Pages

Last Update: 14/05/24
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Pets are like faithful friends, always there for you, ready to give boundless love and joy, being true members of the family. We not only provide coloring pets, you can still so teach your child what can be.

Pet Coloring Pages, Three friends are pets show print download
Three friends are pets
Pet Coloring Pages, Pet playing show print download
Pet playing
Pet Coloring Pages, Cute pet cat show print download
Cute pet cat
Pet Coloring Pages, Cute pet show print download
Cute pet

Pet list: dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, parrot, turtle, fish, ferret, birds. And everyone wants to be painted, especially at us it's free. If you didn't find the right animal here, look on our other pages.

A few more printable pet coloring pages

Pet Coloring Pages, Pet reading book show print download
Pet reading book
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Pet minecraft cat
Pet Coloring Pages, Pet minecraft show print download
Pet minecraft
Pet Coloring Pages, Pet astronaut show print download
Pet astronaut
Pet Coloring Pages, Art coloring, girl with pet show print download
Art coloring, girl with pet
Pet Coloring Pages, Girl with a loved pet show print download
Girl with a loved pet
Pet Coloring Pages, A teenager with a beloved pet show print download
A teenager with a beloved pet
Pet Coloring Pages, A little boy with his favorite pet show print download
A little boy with his favorite pet
Pet Coloring Pages, family with two cats show print download
family with two cats
Pet Coloring Pages, domestic hamster show print download
domestic hamster
Pet Coloring Pages, domestic dog show print download
domestic dog
Pet Coloring Pages, domestic cat show print download
domestic cat


Hey there, fellow coloring enthusiasts! When you start coloring these wonderful pets, whether they're cartoony or realistic, you've got a ton of tools to choose from. Personally, I've had a blast using colored pencils for that precise shading, especially for the realistic pets. They let you add those fine details like fur texture. For the cartoon pets, markers are my go-to because they pop with bright, bold colors. Don’t shy away from mixing things up - sometimes I even add a bit of watercolor for a soft background. Experiment and see what works best for you!

Tips for coloring Pets


  • Tools to Use: Colored pencils or markers are perfect for adding smooth colors or bold details to your dog’s fur.
  • Colors to Choose: Dogs come in so many colors, so feel free to get creative! Browns, blacks, and whites are common, but have you ever seen a pink poodle in a cartoon? Now’s your chance!
  • Fun Fact: Did you know that dogs can see colors too, just not as vividly as humans? This means your colorful dog could still catch a real pup’s eye!


  • Tools to Use: Watercolors or chalk pastels give a soft texture that’s perfect for a fluffy cat.
  • Colors to Choose: Siamese cats have beautiful cream bodies with dark brown points (ears, paws, and face), which can be fun to replicate. Or maybe a mystical green cat?
  • Fun Fact: Cats have whiskers that are highly sensitive, helping them to detect even the slightest changes in their environment. When coloring, try giving your cat exaggerated whiskers for a whimsical touch!


  • Tools to Use: Fine-tip markers or gel pens are great for detailing the small features like eyes and whiskers.
  • Colors to Choose: Most hamsters are golden or brown, but what about a blue or purple fantasy hamster?
  • Fun Fact: Hamsters love to hoard their food. Maybe add some colorful treats around your hamster that they might be saving for later?


  • Tools to Use: Use colored pencils to gently layer and blend different colors for a realistic fur look.
  • Colors to Choose: Rabbits aren't just white! They can be gray, brown, or even multi-colored. A rainbow rabbit might be a fun project!
  • Fun Fact: Rabbits are known for their incredible jumping abilities. Draw some extra long legs for a super jumper!


  • Tools to Use: Bright, vivid markers can really make your parrot’s feathers pop.
  • Colors to Choose: Think tropical! Reds, blues, and greens make your bird look just like those from exotic rainforests.
  • Fun Fact: Parrots can mimic sounds and voices. Maybe this parrot learned to say something colorful too?


  • Tools to Use: Crayons are great for adding a textured look to the turtle’s shell.
  • Colors to Choose: Natural shell colors like brown and green are typical, but a shell with a pattern of stars or waves could be magical!
  • Fun Fact: Turtles can live for decades, even longer than humans sometimes. Imagine all the colors a turtle could see in its long life!


  • Tools to Use: Watercolor paints mimic the watery world fish live in, creating a lovely flowing effect.
  • Colors to Choose: Fish in cartoons often sport impossible, brilliant colors. Why not a purple fish with orange stripes?
  • Fun Fact: Fish communicate with colors, patterns, and movements. Maybe your fish is saying "hello" with its bright colors!


  • Tools to Use: Soft pastels can create the sleek, smooth look of a ferret’s coat.
  • Colors to Choose: Ferrets usually have a mix of brown, black, and white. Playing with these colors can give your ferret a dynamic look.
  • Fun Fact: Ferrets are incredibly playful and curious. Draw your ferret in a playful twist or peeking out of a colorful box.

Birds (General)

  • Tools to Use: Blend colored pencils for a delicate touch on feathers.
  • Colors to Choose: Birds can be any color under the sun—try multicolored wings or a neon bright beak.
  • Fun Fact: Many birds like to dance to music. Maybe your bird is dancing on the page!

Sharing Your Colorings

Once you're done, don’t forget to show off your artwork! I found it super rewarding to share my colored pages with friends and family. It’s amazing to see how different everyone’s coloring style is, even with the same picture. Maybe create a little gallery at home with all your colorful pet masterpieces. It's a wonderful way to celebrate your creativity and hard work!