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Last Update: 21/05/24
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The cat purrs, reaching for warmth and affection, she is a trusting creature, full of tenderness and mystery. Get ready for the silot of the entire Internet. You will have to smile looking at each coloring of cats.

Cat Coloring Pages, unicorn cat image, mandala show print download
unicorn cat image, mandala
Cat Coloring Pages, Sphynx cat show print download
Sphynx cat
Cat Coloring Pages, rainbow cat coloring page show print download
rainbow cat coloring page
Cat Coloring Pages, Princess cat show print download
Princess cat

No matter who you want to color a kitten or a graceful pedigree cat. All our cats are ready to be printed on a US or A4 sheet, because it's easy and free. Just click the button under the desired cat and you're done.

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simple coloring of an adult cat
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a fat cat in the grass smiles
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Painting a kitten who sleeps in a basket
Cat Coloring Pages, A fat adult cat jumps over the fence funny show print download
A fat adult cat jumps over the fence funny
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Christmas cat in snow
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Cat with gift box and christmass tree
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realistic cat face
Cat face Coloring Pages, Simple cat face show print download
Simple cat face
Cute Cat Coloring Pages, cute kitten face show print download
cute kitten face
Cute Cat Coloring Pages, cute kitty show print download
cute kitty

Hey there, young artists and parents! Whether you're looking for a fun activity or a way to unwind, our cat coloring page has something for everyone. We've got all types of cats here: from cartoon kitties that leap off the page to lifelike felines that look like they could purr any minute. Simple shapes for the little ones and detailed breeds for those who want a bit more of a challenge. Let me share some tips and tricks that have worked for me and might make your coloring even more enjoyable!

Step-by-Step Guide to Coloring Cat Pages

Step 1: Choose Your Design

First, pick a cat from our collection that speaks to you. You might choose a cartoon cat for something fun and whimsical, or a realistic breed if you're in the mood for a bit more detail.

Step 2: Select Your Medium

Decide what you'll use to color. Colored pencils are great for details, while markers can provide vibrant colors that really stand out. Crayons are wonderful for filling in larger areas and adding texture.

Step 3: Print Your Coloring Page

You can print your coloring page on different materials depending on where you want your artwork to show up:

  • Regular paper: Great for crayons, pencils, and markers.
  • Cardstock: A thicker option that's excellent for markers and paint, reducing bleed-through.
  • Sticker paper: Color it and then cut it out to use as a homemade sticker.
  • Iron-on transfer paper: Color your cat, then transfer it onto a t-shirt or tote bag for a personalized item.

Step 4: Plan Your Colors

Before you start coloring, think about your color scheme. Do you want your cat to have natural colors, or are you going for something more fantastical? Planning ahead can help you decide where to use each color.

Step 5: Start Coloring

Begin coloring from the inside of the image and work your way out. This helps prevent smudging, especially if you're using markers. Take your time and enjoy the process.

Step 6: Add Details and Textures

Once the basic colors are down, go back and add details. You can use a black pen to outline certain areas and make them pop. Consider adding textures to the fur by using small, quick strokes to simulate the fluffiness of the fur.

Step 7: Highlight and Shadow

For a more three-dimensional look, add highlights and shadows. Use lighter colors for areas hit by light and darker shades for shadows. This will give your cat more depth and realism.

Step 8: Final Touches

Review your artwork and add any final touches. Maybe add a background or some accessories like a collar or a toy next to the cat.

Step 9: Display or Use Your Artwork

Now that your masterpiece is complete, you can display it or use it depending on the material you printed on. Frame it, stick it, or wear it—show off your creative work!

Fun Cat Facts to Inspire Your Coloring

  1. Cat Whiskers Feel the World: Did you know that cat whiskers are super sensitive? They can detect tiny changes in the air and help cats understand their surroundings. When coloring, you might want to emphasize the whiskers by using contrasting colors or making them a bit bolder than other lines.

  2. Cats' Eyes Tell Tales: Cats' eyes can be mesmerizing! They range from deep greens to golden yellows. Fun fact: their pupils can change shape dramatically, from slits during the day to full, round peepers in low light. Think about the expression you want your cat to have and choose eye colors that reflect their personality.

  3. Fur Patterns Are Unique: Just like human fingerprints, no two cats have the same fur pattern. This is especially true for breeds like calicos or Siamese. Feel free to create your own patterns; maybe add stripes, spots, or patches in unexpected colors to make your cat stand out.

Remember, there's no right or wrong way to color these pages. It's all about having fun and expressing yourself. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, every page is a new adventure. Grab your favorite coloring tools and let's bring these cats to life!