Domestic Animals Coloring Pages

Last Update: 17/05/24
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Domestic Animals such as dogs, cats, hamsters, parrots and rabbits bring joy and warmth to our lives with their loyalty and playfulness. This category can introduce your children to all the inhabitants of the house with coloring pages.

Domestic Animals
Domestic Animals Coloring Pages, dog and cat show print download
dog and cat
Domestic Animals Coloring Pages, friendly dog and cat smiling show print download
friendly dog and cat smiling
Domestic Animals Coloring Pages, dog and cat at home show print download
dog and cat at home
Domestic Animals Coloring Pages, cat in the grass and a butterfly show print download
cat in the grass and a butterfly

And that's just the beginning of our huge collection, if you're looking for someone specific check out our suggestions under coloring pages. And by the way, all of these pages are available as free printable pdfs. so let's explore further!

More Domestic Animals Coloring Pages

Domestic Animals Coloring Pages, cat and dog sleeping by the fireplace show print download
cat and dog sleeping by the fireplace
Domestic Animals Coloring Pages, funny kitty looking at the aquarium show print download
funny kitty looking at the aquarium
Domestic Animals Coloring Pages, cat catches a butterfly illustration show print download
cat catches a butterfly illustration
Domestic Animals Coloring Pages, cat and dog sitting in a room show print download
cat and dog sitting in a room
Dog Coloring Pages, Police German Shepherd show print download
Police German Shepherd
Dog Coloring Pages, weenie dog show print download
weenie dog
Cat Coloring Pages, unicorn cat image, mandala show print download
unicorn cat image, mandala
Cat Coloring Pages, Sphynx cat show print download
Sphynx cat
Rabbit Coloring Pages, Simple cartoon rabbit show print download
Simple cartoon rabbit
Rabbit Coloring Pages, Serious cartoon rabbit show print download
Serious cartoon rabbit
Hamsters Coloring Pages, Cute small Hamster show print download
Cute small Hamster
Hamsters Coloring Pages, Baby hamster show print download
Baby hamster
Pet Coloring Pages, Three friends are pets show print download
Three friends are pets
Pet Coloring Pages, Pet playing show print download
Pet playing
Guinea pig Coloring Pages, guinea pig in a wheel show print download
guinea pig in a wheel
Guinea pig Coloring Pages, guinea pig face show print download
guinea pig face
Chinchilla Coloring Pages, Chinchilla in the forest show print download
Chinchilla in the forest
Chinchilla Coloring Pages, Funny Chinchilla show print download
Funny Chinchilla
Rat Coloring Pages, Rat in star wars style show print download
Rat in star wars style
Rat Coloring Pages, Realistic rat show print download
Realistic rat
Goldfish Coloring Pages, Goldfish in aquarium show print download
Goldfish in aquarium
Goldfish Coloring Pages, Cool goldfish show print download
Cool goldfish
Ferret Coloring Pages, Three ferrets show print download
Three ferrets
Ferret Coloring Pages, Ferret zombie show print download
Ferret zombie

How to Color Your Domestic Animals Coloring Pages

Whether you've got a page full of cartoon-style critters or some that look like they could walk off the page, I've got some tips and fun facts to help you bring those domestic animals to life with a burst of color.

1. Cartoon Animals: For the cartoon animals, feel free to go wild with colors! I used bright and unexpected shades like purple for a cat or a green puppy to add a touch of whimsy. It’s all about fun here, so why not give that chicken blue feathers?

2. Realistic Animals: When I colored the realistic animals, I stuck closer to their natural colors. Browns, blacks, and whites are safe choices for animals like dogs, cats, and rabbits. But remember, even realistic animals can have variations, so a splash of subtle spots or stripes can make your artwork stand out.

Creative Crafting with Your Domestic Animal Coloring Pages

Decorative Garland

Create a festive garland featuring your favorite farmyard friends and furry companions. Cut out the colored images neatly. Punch holes on either side of each figure and thread a string or yarn through, connecting them in a pleasing sequence. Hang it across a doorway, window, or even a child's bedroom for a charming touch.

Custom Coasters

Turn your colorful critters into practical coasters to keep your surfaces stain-free. First, color your choice of tame beasts, then cut them out and glue them onto thicker cardboard or cork. Cover them with clear adhesive paper or use a decoupage technique with clear glue for a water-resistant finish. Now, your fuzzy pals can accompany you during coffee time!

Wall Art

Create an eye-catching wall display with your gallery of colored pets and companions. Choose several of your best-colored pages, preferably those with a good mix of small and large creatures. Mount them on a contrasting or complementary colored paper or directly onto canvas. Arrange them in a grid or an organic cluster on your wall for an instant art installation.

Gift Tags

Next time you have a gift to give, add a personal touch with a handmade tag. Select smaller creatures like kitties and puppies from your coloring pages, cut them out, and punch a hole at the top. Write a sweet message on the back, thread a ribbon through, and attach it to your gift. It’s a thoughtful addition that’s sure to be cherished.


This is perfect for the storytellers out there. Compile your colored images of household animals into a homemade storybook. Write short stories or facts about each animal on separate sheets of paper. Bind them together with the colored images to create a storybook. This not only makes a great bedtime read but also a wonderful keepsake.

Shadow Box

For a more three-dimensional approach, use your colored pages to fill a shadow box. Choose a variety of domestic animals, color them, and then cut them out. Arrange them inside the box with added elements like faux grass, small sticks, or fabric scraps to create depth and context. It’s a beautiful way to display your work in your home.

Puzzle Making

Convert your colored pages into a simple puzzle game for the kids. After coloring your choice of docile critters, glue the page onto a piece of cardboard. Once dry, use a craft knife (adults only) to cut the image into puzzle pieces. It’s a fun way to reengage with your art and perfect for a family game night.

Fun Facts to Inspire Your Coloring

1. Did you know that pigs can be a rainbow of colors in real life, not just pink? They can be black, white, red, and even have spots. So, if you're coloring a pig, feel free to mix it up and use a variety of colors.

2. Cats' eyes can be mesmerizing. Depending on the breed, they can have a wide range of eye colors including green, yellow, blue, or even two different colors! Think about this when you color their eyes; it could really make your cat's face pop.

3. Sheep’s wool can be more than just white. They can be brown and even black. This could add some variety to your coloring, especially if you're used to just seeing white sheep in books and movies.