Hamsters Coloring Pages

Last Update: 14/05/24
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Hamsters are cute and beautiful pet rodents. To show your child through play these pets, you can use our coloring pages. Or maybe you will recognize your own pet here:) We have tried to make sure that you can find coloring pages of different complexity and in different styles.

Hamsters Coloring Pages, Cute small Hamster show print download
Cute small Hamster
Hamsters Coloring Pages, Baby hamster show print download
Baby hamster
Hamsters Coloring Pages, Baby hamster show print download
Baby hamster
Hamsters Coloring Pages, Cute baby hamster show print download
Cute baby hamster

Aren't those hamsters cute? Have you chosen the picture you want to print yet? We provide all our coloring pages for free, just click on the button below the illustration and download a printable pdf.

If you haven't found what you're looking for yet, let us show you what we have.

More printable pages for coloring hamsters

Hamsters Coloring Pages, Sad Hamster show print download
Sad Hamster
Hamsters Coloring Pages, cartoon hamster, easy coloring show print download
cartoon hamster, easy coloring
Hamsters Coloring Pages, hamster laughs, simple art show print download
hamster laughs, simple art
Hamsters Coloring Pages, hamster laughs picture show print download
hamster laughs picture
Hamsters Coloring Pages, face hamster, emoji show print download
face hamster, emoji
Hamsters Coloring Pages, hamster numble from cartoon show print download
hamster numble from cartoon
Hamsters Coloring Pages, pretty hamster, simple coloring show print download
pretty hamster, simple coloring
Hamsters Coloring Pages, cute cartoon hamster show print download
cute cartoon hamster

Hey there, coloring enthusiasts! Whether you're a kiddo getting ready to bring some color to the page or a parent assisting in the artistic process, you're in for a fun ride with our hamster coloring pages. We’ve got both cartoon-style and realistic hamsters here, so let’s dive into how you can make these little critters come to life with your creativity.

Choosing Your Colors

For Cartoon Hamsters:

  • Feel free to go wild with colors here! I once colored a cartoon hamster in bright purple and neon green, and it looked super cool. Cartoon hamsters are all about fun, so think about using bold, bright colors like pink, blue, or even glittery markers to add some sparkle.

For Realistic Hamsters:

  • If you’re working on the realistic hamsters, you might want to stick to more natural colors. Hamsters typically range from golden brown to grey, with some having white patches. I like using a blend of browns and tans, maybe adding a soft white or cream for the belly. It’s fun to mimic their natural fur as closely as possible!

Tools for coloring hamsters

  • Crayons: Great for filling in larger areas and perfect for young artists. The waxy texture lets you layer colors nicely.
  • Colored Pencils: Ideal for adding details, especially on those realistic hamsters. You can sharpen them to get those fine lines for whiskers and fur texture.
  • Markers: They offer vibrant colors that really pop. Just be careful not to bleed through the page if it’s thin!

Fun Fact to Inspire

Did you know that hamsters stuff their cheeks full of food to carry it back to their burrow? Next time you color a hamster, you might want to exaggerate the cheeks a bit, especially on the cartoon ones, to make them look super cheeky and adorable. It’s a cute highlight that always gets a chuckle!

My Coloring Experience

I remember coloring a realistic hamster once and focused on getting the fur gradient just right. Starting with a dark brown on the back and blending it into a sandy color towards the belly really brought it to life. It’s amazing how a little shading can add so much dimension.

Go ahead and try these tips out! Whether you’re going bold and bright or soft and natural, you’re sure to create some beautiful art. Happy coloring!