Goldfish Coloring Pages

Last Update: 14/05/24
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A goldfish is a small miracle, swimming in its own world, always greeting you happily at the glass walls of its aquarium. Let's color your pets.

Goldfish Coloring Pages, Goldfish in aquarium show print download
Goldfish in aquarium
Goldfish Coloring Pages, Cool goldfish show print download
Cool goldfish
Goldfish Coloring Pages, Goldfish cowboy show print download
Goldfish cowboy
Goldfish Coloring Pages, Goldfish playing cards show print download
Goldfish playing cards

Our fish don't grant wishes, but you can always print them out for free, color them golden. If you didn't find what you were looking for, don't hurry to leave, there's more to come.

More goldfish coloring pages ready to print

Goldfish Coloring Pages, cute goldfish show print download
cute goldfish
Goldfish Coloring Pages, goldfish communicate show print download
goldfish communicate
Goldfish Coloring Pages, goldfish in a hat show print download
goldfish in a hat
Goldfish Coloring Pages, Goldfish read book show print download
Goldfish read book
Goldfish Coloring Pages, Goldfish ninja show print download
Goldfish ninja
Goldfish Coloring Pages, goldfish sings show print download
goldfish sings
Goldfish Coloring Pages, Goldfish chef show print download
Goldfish chef
Goldfish Coloring Pages, Goldfish astronaut show print download
Goldfish astronaut

Hey there! I’m excited to share some cool tips on how to bring these pages of goldfish to life—whether they're the fun cartoon ones or the more realistic types. I've tried out a few techniques myself and I'd love to guide you through this vibrant underwater adventure.

Cartoon Goldfish

When coloring the cartoon goldfish, the sky—or should I say the ocean?—is the limit! You can use bright, bold colors to make them pop off the page. Think about using markers or colored pencils to add vivid hues like electric blue, hot pink, or glittery gold. I had a blast mixing colors that you normally wouldn't see on a real fish but looked awesome on the cartoon versions!

Realistic Goldfish

For the realistic goldfish, it’s cool to stick closer to their natural colors. Goldfish aren’t just gold; they come in shades of orange, red, white, and even black. I like using colored pencils for these because they let me blend the colors softly, giving a more natural look. Try layering different shades of orange with hints of white to highlight and black or grey for the shadows. It makes them look like they’re about to swim right off the page!

Choosing the Right Tools

Whether you’re going for markers, crayons, or colored pencils, each has its perks. Crayons are great for a quick, textured fill, while markers offer that bold, even color. Colored pencils are perfect for blending and shading, especially for those realistic touches on the fins and tails.

Fun Fact to Inspire You!

Did you know that goldfish can see more colors than humans can? They’re not just looking at the world; they’re seeing it with a whole extra layer of color - ultraviolet light included! So when you’re picking colors, think about how rich and varied the world looks to them. It might just inspire you to try some combinations you’ve never thought of before.

Share Your Artwork!

I hope these tips help you create some amazing goldfish art. Don’t forget to show off your finished pages! I’d love to see how you bring your own unique splash of color to these wonderful fish. Happy coloring!