Kitten Coloring Pages

Last Update: 21/05/24
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Cats are very cute animals in their own right. Not for nothing do a lot of us keep them at home. But the only thing cuter than cats are kittens. We have already prepared for you a small collection of kittens from simple cartoon kittens to more realistic ones.

Kitten Coloring Pages, funny simple kitty show print download
funny simple kitty
Kitten Coloring Pages, playful kitten show print download
playful kitten
Kitten Coloring Pages, realistic kitten in the grass show print download
realistic kitten in the grass
Kitten Coloring Pages, Playful kitten show print download
Playful kitten

Did you know that the kittens are already waiting for you to print them out. They are already purring with joy that you will get them for free :) Open the pdf by clicking on the icon below the picture you want. Then simply download or send your work to print right away. 

Cute kittens want to be colored

Kitten Coloring Pages, Kitten seating show print download
Kitten seating
Kitten Coloring Pages, Cute cartoon kitten show print download
Cute cartoon kitten
Kitten Coloring Pages, kitten smiling for you show print download
kitten smiling for you
Kitten Coloring Pages, A beautiful kitten sitting in flowers show print download
A beautiful kitten sitting in flowers
Kitten Coloring Pages, cute kitty seatting show print download
cute kitty seatting
Kitten Coloring Pages, kitty playing with a ball show print download
kitty playing with a ball
Kitten Coloring Pages, Beautiful kitten and flower show print download
Beautiful kitten and flower
Kitten Coloring Pages, Smiling Kitten holds a flower in his paw show print download
Smiling Kitten holds a flower in his paw

Coloring a kitten can be an engaging activity not only for children but also for adults who enjoy creativity. Here are detailed instructions on how to turn a black and white kitten image into a vibrant and colorful piece of art.

Materials Needed:

  1. Paints: watercolors, gouache, or acrylics - the choice depends on preferences and skills.
  2. Brushes of various sizes: use small-tipped brushes for finer details and larger brushes for broader areas.
  3. A cup of water (if using watercolor or gouache paints).
  4. Palette or flat surface for mixing paints.
  5. Tissues or cloth for wiping brushes.
  6. Protector to shield the working surface from paint spills.


  1. Preparing for the Work Process:

    • Ensure you have all necessary materials.
    • Place the page with the outlined kitten image on a flat surface.
    • Protect the table or surface with a protector.
  2. Choosing Colors:

    • Decide which colors you would like to use to color the kitten. You can use natural colors like gray or brown, or imaginative colors like pink or blue.
    • Think about the background color: it can be realistic (e.g., green or blue) or abstract (e.g., purple or orange).
  3. Starting the Coloring Process:

    • Begin with the main color of the kitten, such as its fur.
    • Use an appropriate-sized brush and carefully fill in each section, following the outline.
  4. Adding Details:

    • Once the base color is applied, add details such as eyes, nose, ears, and paws.
    • Choose a finer brush for these small elements to ensure precision.
  5. Background:

    • Once the kitten is colored, you can work on the background. It can be a solid color or even a background with other objects or a landscape.
    • Leave the background for the final stage to avoid accidentally getting paint on the already colored kitten.

Remember, the most important aspect of the coloring process is your imagination and creative approach. Don't be afraid to experiment with colors and textures, and enjoy the process of creating your unique piece of art!