Jungle animals Coloring Pages

Last Update: 25/06/24
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The jungle is a wild and wonderful world of animals. Let us introduce you to it with our coloring pages! 🐒🦁🦜 Here you'll find a variety of jungle creatures ready to come to life with your crayons, markers or colored pencils.

Jungle animals
Jungle animals Coloring Pages, Happy jungle animals show print download
Happy jungle animals
Jungle animals Coloring Pages, Cartoon jungle animals show print download
Cartoon jungle animals
Jungle animals Coloring Pages, Angry big cats show print download
Angry big cats
Jungle animals Coloring Pages, Sinple monkeys on tree show print download
Sinple monkeys on tree
Jungle animals Coloring Pages, Jaguar family in jungle show print download
Jaguar family in jungle
Jungle animals Coloring Pages, Adult coala with child show print download
Adult coala with child
Jungle animals Coloring Pages, Cartoon cute lion and forest cat show print download
Cartoon cute lion and forest cat
Jungle animals Coloring Pages, Lion and tiger face show print download
Lion and tiger face
Tiger Coloring Pages, Tiger with glasses show print download
Tiger with glasses
Tiger Coloring Pages, Happy tiger show print download
Happy tiger
Lion Coloring Pages, Lion with glasses show print download
Lion with glasses
Lion Coloring Pages, Lion child show print download
Lion child
Monkeys Coloring Pages, Monkey kawaii show print download
Monkey kawaii
Monkeys Coloring Pages, Angry monkey show print download
Angry monkey
Koala Coloring Pages, Sleeping koala show print download
Sleeping koala
Koala Coloring Pages, Koala kawaii show print download
Koala kawaii
Chimpanzee Coloring Pages, Cartoon Chimpanzee show print download
Cartoon Chimpanzee
Chimpanzee Coloring Pages, Cute face of Chimpanzee show print download
Cute face of Chimpanzee
Gorilla Coloring Pages, Gorilla with glasses show print download
Gorilla with glasses
Gorilla Coloring Pages, Smart gorilla show print download
Smart gorilla

How to Use Our Jungle Animal Coloring Pages

Step 1: Browse and Choose Your Favorite Animals

  • Scroll through the different jungle animal coloring pages we have.
  • Click on the picture that you like the most.

Step 2: Download and Print

  • Download the PDF version of the coloring page by clicking the download button below the image.
  • Print the PDF on standard 8.5x11 inch paper using any home printer or visit a local print shop if you prefer.

Step 3: Color and Enjoy!

  • Grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils and start coloring.
  • You can also give the coloring sheets to your child to enjoy.

More Ways to Use These Coloring Pages:

  • Craft Projects: Use the colored pages in various craft projects such as making jungle animal puppets or creating a jungle scene collage.
  • Educational Activities: Pair coloring with learning activities by reading about each animal while you color.
  • Decorations: Once colored, these pages can make great decorations for a jungle-themed room or party.