Dolphin Coloring Pages

Last Update: 05/07/24
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Dolphins are intelligent and playful marine mammals known for their friendly nature and remarkable agility in the water. Here, we'll explore them in more detail with our collection of coloring pages.

Dolphin Coloring Pages, Sad dolphin show print download
Sad dolphin
Dolphin Coloring Pages, Happy dolphin show print download
Happy dolphin
Dolphin Coloring Pages, Angry dolphin show print download
Angry dolphin
Dolphin Coloring Pages, Simple dolphin coloring page show print download
Simple dolphin coloring page

Each Dolphin is ready to leap onto your page; just click the download PDF button below the image you like. 🐬 All our coloring pages are free, so you don't have to worry about your favorites. Let's dive into our collection and discover more amazing dolphin pages! 🌊

More Dolphin 🐬 Coloring Pages for print


Dolphin Coloring Pages, Mandala dolphin show print download
Mandala dolphin
Dolphin Coloring Pages, cartoon dolphin show print download
cartoon dolphin
Dolphin Coloring Pages, dolphins jumping out of the water show print download
dolphins jumping out of the water
Dolphin Coloring Pages, dolphins jumping out of the water making a heart show print download
dolphins jumping out of the water making a heart
Dolphin Coloring Pages, cute baby dolphin show print download
cute baby dolphin
Dolphin Coloring Pages, really cute baby dolphins show print download
really cute baby dolphins
Dolphin Coloring Pages, cute dolphin show print download
cute dolphin
Dolphin Coloring Pages, Dolphin show print download

Tips for color your Dolphin

When coloring dolphins, I found that using a mix of colored pencils and markers works best. The pencils allow for detailed shading, while the markers give vibrant pops of color for the ocean background.


Dolphins come in various shades of gray and blue, but don't be afraid to get creative! I've used purples and greens to make some really unique dolphins. It's like giving Flipper a new look every time!

Fun Facts

Did you know that dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror? They're one of the few animals with self-awareness. While I colored, I imagined my dolphin checking itself out in a reflective wave – it's a fun way to bring personality to your drawing!

Popular Characters

Speaking of personality, remember Echo from the game "Ecco the Dolphin"? I tried to recreate him once, complete with the mystical glow. Adding little details like this can make your coloring page feel like it's straight out of a video game!