Snake Coloring Pages

Last Update: 18/06/24
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Snakes are fascinating creatures that slither around and come in all sorts of colors and patterns. Below, you'll find some awesome coloring pages that will help you learn more about these amazing animals.

Snake Coloring Pages, Cute snake with glasses show print download
Cute snake with glasses
Snake Coloring Pages, Snake read book show print download
Snake read book
Snake Coloring Pages, Kawaii snake show print download
Kawaii snake
Snake Coloring Pages, Snake in suit show print download
Snake in suit

Every snake here is super friendly and just waiting for your brushes and crayons to give them some love! 🖍️ They can't wait to slither off your screen and onto your paper. 🐍 Our team has even prepared free PDFs for you to print on A4 or US letter-sized paper. So go ahead, pick your favorite snake and download it for free to start coloring your masterpiece! 🌈

More Snake Coloring Pages

Snake Coloring Pages, Snake happy face show print download
Snake happy face
Snake Coloring Pages, Cartoon Snake show print download
Cartoon Snake
Snake Coloring Pages, Adult Pythonidae show print download
Adult Pythonidae
Snake Coloring Pages, Zentagle Snake show print download
Zentagle Snake
Snake Coloring Pages, Funny baby Snake show print download
Funny baby Snake
Snake Coloring Pages, Snake background show print download
Snake background
Snake Coloring Pages, Realistic snake coloring page show print download
Realistic snake coloring page
Snake Coloring Pages, Simple cartoon Snake show print download
Simple cartoon Snake

What to Use

  • Crayons: Perfect for kids who love bright colors and bold lines.
  • Colored Pencils: Great for adding details and creating cool textures on the snake’s scales.
  • Markers: Ideal for vibrant, eye-popping colors. Just be careful not to press too hard or the ink might bleed through the paper.
  • Paints: If you're feeling adventurous and want to add some real flair, watercolors or acrylic paints can make your snake pages stand out.

Choosing Colors

Snakes come in all sorts of colors and patterns! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Pythons: These big guys often have brown, green, and yellow patterns. Try using earthy tones with spots or stripes.
  • Cobras: Usually have shades of brown, black, and sometimes yellow. Don’t forget their iconic hood!
  • Vipers: These can be really colorful, with greens, browns, reds, and even blues. They often have zigzag patterns or diamond shapes.

Fun Facts to Inspire You

Did you know that some snakes can change color? The green tree python, for instance, starts out yellow or red and turns green as it gets older. How cool is that? Use this fun fact to create a snake that transitions in color from head to tail.

Popular Snakes to Color

  • Corn Snakes: These are super popular and come in a variety of colors like red, orange, and brown. They often have a checkered pattern on their bellies.
  • King Snakes: Known for their striking black and white or black and yellow bands. These guys are perfect for practicing your stripe technique!
  • Rattlesnakes: Famous for their rattles, they usually have earthy tones with diamond-shaped patterns. Try using browns and tans for a realistic look.

My Coloring Experience

When I colored my snake pages, I started with a base color using colored pencils. Then, I added details like scales and patterns with markers to make the colors pop. For the background, I used crayons to create a jungle or desert scene, depending on where my snake lived.

Remember, there's no right or wrong way to color your snakes. Use your imagination and have fun with it! Maybe your snake lives in a magical forest and is rainbow-colored, or perhaps it has sparkly scales with glitter.