Lizard Coloring Pages

Last Update: 04/06/24
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Ready to bring some awesome lizards to life with your coloring skills? We've got a bunch of cool lizard illustrations for you to color, from fun and cartoony ones to those that look like they could crawl right off the page!

Lizard Coloring Pages, Lizard with glasses show print download
Lizard with glasses
Lizard Coloring Pages, Lizard smiling show print download
Lizard smiling
Lizard Coloring Pages, Lizard read book show print download
Lizard read book
Lizard Coloring Pages, Kawaii show print download

All these lizard coloring pages are totally FREE to print—just hit the button below your favorite one. If you haven't found the perfect lizard yet, keep scrolling for more cool designs. Dive in and let the fun begin! 🎨🦎✨

More Lizard Coloring Pages

Lizard Coloring Pages, Happy Lizard show print download
Happy Lizard
Lizard Coloring Pages, Lizard face show print download
Lizard face
Lizard Coloring Pages, Danger Lizard show print download
Danger Lizard
Lizard Coloring Pages, Cute Lizard show print download
Cute Lizard
Lizard Coloring Pages, Lizard cowboy show print download
Lizard cowboy
Lizard Coloring Pages, Child Lizard show print download
Child Lizard
Lizard Coloring Pages, Cartoon Lizard show print download
Cartoon Lizard
Lizard Coloring Pages, Angry Lizard show print download
Angry Lizard

What to Use for Coloring

You can use all kinds of stuff to color these lizards:

  • Crayons: Perfect for young kids and those who love bold, vibrant colors.
  • Colored Pencils: Great for shading and adding fine details. Ideal for our more realistic lizards.
  • Markers: Excellent for bright, intense colors. Just be careful—they can bleed through the paper.
  • Watercolors: For a unique and creative touch. They give a nice, smooth finish, especially on thicker paper.

Choosing Your Colors

Lizards come in all sorts of colors in real life. Here are some ideas:

  • Green: Like the common green anole or iguanas.
  • Brown and Tan: For a desert look, like many geckos and chameleons.
  • Bright Colors: Some lizards, like the blue-tongued skink or the bright red and yellow colors of the rainbow agama, are incredibly vibrant.

Fun Lizard Fact!

Did you know that some lizards can change their color? The most famous is the chameleon, which can shift its hue to blend into its surroundings or to communicate with other chameleons. This amazing ability could inspire you to use a mix of colors on your chameleon drawing—try blending shades and see what cool effects you can create!

Get Inspired by Characters

If you're looking for something a bit different, why not get inspired by some famous characters?

  • Rango: The quirky chameleon from the animated movie. Think about his cool patterns and colors!
  • Pascal: Rapunzel's loyal chameleon friend from Disney’s Tangled. He’s usually green, but he changes colors based on his mood—get creative with it!
  • Reptar: From Rugrats, this green dinosaur could give you some fun color ideas for your lizard.
  • Spyro: The purple dragon from the popular video game series. Who says lizards can’t be purple?

Feel free to mix and match colors and patterns. Maybe your lizard has polka dots, stripes, or even rainbow scales. There’s no right or wrong way to color your lizard, so let your imagination run wild!

Happy coloring! 🦎✨