Fox Coloring Pages

Last Update: 23/06/24
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Foxes are clever and curious animals that live in forests, grasslands, and even cities. Below, you'll find coloring pages that will help you learn more about these fascinating creatures while having fun!

Fox Coloring Pages, Mandata fox face show print download
Mandata fox face
Fox Coloring Pages, Baby cute fox show print download
Baby cute fox
Fox Coloring Pages, Fox realistic face show print download
Fox realistic face
Fox Coloring Pages, Adult fox show print download
Adult fox

Each fox, vixen can't wait to see you with a brush or crayon in hand! 🦊 They are known for their intelligence and playful nature, ready to sneak onto your A4 or US letter paper. Just pick the fox that speaks to you, click the button below the picture, and get your PDF instantly and for free. 🎨

More Fox Coloring Pages

Fox Coloring Pages, Simple picture: fox in forest, for kids show print download
Simple picture: fox in forest, for kids
Fox Coloring Pages, Fox emoji show print download
Fox emoji
Fox Coloring Pages, Fox face show print download
Fox face
Fox Coloring Pages, Cute baby fox show print download
Cute baby fox
Fox Coloring Pages, Cartoon style Fox show print download
Cartoon style Fox
Fox Coloring Pages, zentagle Fox show print download
zentagle Fox
Cute Fox Coloring Pages, Cute Fox running show print download
Cute Fox running
Cute Fox Coloring Pages, Cute Fox smile show print download
Cute Fox smile

How to Color Your Foxes

Crayons are great for a soft and classic look. Markers give you bright and bold colors, perfect for those cartoon foxes. And if you're aiming for a realistic masterpiece, colored pencils are your best friends – they let you blend and shade like a pro.

Picking the Perfect Colors

Foxes are known for their vibrant red or orange fur and bushy tails. For a realistic touch, use shades of red, orange, brown, and white. Don't forget the black for their legs and ear tips. For a fun twist, why not try coloring a cartoon fox in fun, unexpected colors? Think blue, green, or even purple – the sky’s the limit!

Fun Fox Facts to Inspire Your Coloring

Did you know that foxes are excellent hunters and can hear rodents digging underground? This could be a fun fact to think about while you color in a sneaky fox on your page. Also, foxes use their bushy tails to keep warm and to communicate with other foxes. Maybe try adding some extra detail to the tail to show off its fluffiness!

Popular Foxes to Guide Your Creativity

If you’re looking for some fox inspiration, here are a few famous foxes you might know:

  • Nick Wilde from Zootopia: A sly and charming fox with a sleek red coat and a knack for adventure. Maybe add some city scenes in the background!
  • Tod from The Fox and the Hound: A friendly and loyal fox with a bright orange coat. Capture his playful spirit with bright and happy colors.
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox from Roald Dahl’s story: A clever and resourceful fox with a smart look. Use rich colors to bring out his sharp and stylish personality.