Lemur Coloring Pages

Last Update: 29/05/24
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Lemurs are amazing primates native to the island of Madagascar. They have big, expressive eyes and long, bushy tails. Known for their playful nature and unique vocalizations, lemurs are truly fascinating creatures. On this page, you’ll get to learn all about these incredible animals through our fun coloring pages.

Lemur Coloring Pages, Child lemur show print download
Child lemur
Lemur Coloring Pages, Lemur with glasses show print download
Lemur with glasses
Lemur Coloring Pages, Smiling lemur show print download
Smiling lemur
Lemur Coloring Pages, Lemur sleeping show print download
Lemur sleeping

All of our lemur coloring pages are totally free to download in PDF format! Just click, print, and start coloring. Every little lemur on this page is waiting for you to bring their big eyes (and everything else) to life with your colors! 🎨🌟

More Free Lemur Coloring Pages

Lemur Coloring Pages, Running lemur show print download
Running lemur
Lemur Coloring Pages, Lemur playing in piano show print download
Lemur playing in piano
Lemur Coloring Pages, Lemur playing in videogame show print download
Lemur playing in videogame
Lemur Coloring Pages, Kawaii lemur show print download
Kawaii lemur
Lemur Coloring Pages, Lemur face show print download
Lemur face
Lemur Coloring Pages, Cute lemur show print download
Cute lemur
Lemur Coloring Pages, Cartoon lemur show print download
Cartoon lemur
Lemur Coloring Pages, Lemur angry show print download
Lemur angry

You can use pretty much anything to color your lemur drawings:

  • Crayons: Perfect for younger kids. They’re easy to use and come in lots of colors.
  • Colored Pencils: Great for adding details and blending colors smoothly.
  • Markers: Ideal for bold and vibrant colors, just be careful they don’t bleed through the paper.
  • Watercolors: If you want to get a bit artistic, watercolors can give your lemur a beautiful, textured look.

Lemurs often have striking black and white fur, especially around their faces and tails. But since these are your lemurs, feel free to get creative! Here are some ideas:

  • Realistic Lemurs: Use blacks, grays, and whites for their fur, with a touch of pink or beige for their faces.
  • Cartoon Lemurs: Go wild with bright and fun colors! How about a purple lemur with green spots?

Fun Fact About Lemurs

Did you know that lemurs can communicate with each other through various sounds, scents, and even facial expressions? When you’re coloring, think about giving your lemur a big smile or a curious look to show their personality. Also, their big, round eyes can be fun to color in different shades.

Inspiration from Popular Lemur Characters

Looking for some inspiration? Check out these famous lemur characters:

  • King Julien: The hilarious and charismatic lemur from the "Madagascar" movies. He’s got a crown, a royal attitude, and loves to dance.
  • Zaboomafoo: From the children’s show, this lemur is playful and full of fun facts about animals. He’s usually depicted with a bright smile and big, curious eyes.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to color your lemur. Maybe give your lemur a fun background—like a lush jungle, a sunny savanna, or even a moonlit forest. Add some trees, flowers, or other animals to make your scene come alive.