Hedgehog Coloring Pages

Last Update: 27/05/24
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Whether you like cute cartoon hedgehogs or more realistic ones, we have prepared some interesting coloring pages with hedgehogs. We are very interested in how you like our work, we tried to make you plunge into the world of these cute hedgehogs.

Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog smile show print download
Hedgehog smile
Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog with mushrooms show print download
Hedgehog with mushrooms
Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog with apple show print download
Hedgehog with apple
Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog sleeping show print download
Hedgehog sleeping

Guess what? All of our hedgehog coloring pages are totally free to download in PDF format! Just click, print, and start coloring. Every little hedgehog on this page is waiting for you to bring their noses (and everything else) to life with your colors! 🎨🦔💖

More Free Hedgehog Coloring Pages

Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog realistic show print download
Hedgehog realistic
Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog minecraft show print download
Hedgehog minecraft
Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog in the grass show print download
Hedgehog in the grass
Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog happy show print download
Hedgehog happy
Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog godfather show print download
Hedgehog godfather
Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog face show print download
Hedgehog face
Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog cartoon show print download
Hedgehog cartoon
Hedgehog Coloring Pages, Hedgehog angry show print download
Hedgehog angry

What to Use for Coloring

You can use pretty much anything to color your hedgehog drawings:

  • Crayons: Great for younger kids. They’re easy to use and come in lots of colors.
  • Colored Pencils: Perfect for adding details and blending colors.
  • Markers: Awesome for bold and bright colors, but be careful, they can bleed through the paper.
  • Watercolors: If you’re feeling a bit more artistic, watercolors can give your hedgehog a cool, textured look.

Picking Your Colors

Hedgehogs come in various shades, mostly browns, grays, and creams. But since these are your hedgehogs, you can get creative! Here are some ideas:

  • Realistic Hedgehogs: Use browns and grays for their quills, and a soft peach or light brown for their faces and tummies.
  • Cartoon Hedgehogs: Go wild with bright colors! Purple quills, green bodies—there are no rules here.

Fun Fact About Hedgehogs

Did you know that a group of hedgehogs is called an "array"? How cool is that! They also have about 5,000 to 7,000 quills on their back. When you're coloring the quills, think about how these tiny spikes protect them from predators—maybe even add some extra detail to make them look spiky and strong.

Inspiration from Popular Hedgehog Characters

If you’re looking for some inspiration, think about some famous hedgehogs:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The speedy blue hero from video games. He’s got bright blue fur, red shoes, and a big attitude.
  • Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle: From Beatrix Potter’s stories, she’s a friendly, old hedgehog washerwoman. She’s often depicted with an apron and a bonnet.

Get Creative!

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to color your hedgehog. Maybe give your hedgehog a fun background—like a sunny garden, a cozy autumn scene, or even a nighttime forest. Add flowers, mushrooms, or anything else you like.

We’d love to see your finished hedgehogs! Ask your parents to take a picture and share it with us #paintnarium. Happy coloring!