Birds Coloring Pages

Last Update: 05/07/24
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Birds are fascinating creatures with diverse appearances and behaviors. Here, we'll explore them in greater detail through our coloring pages.

Birds Coloring Pages, Smile stork in cartoon style show print download
Smile stork in cartoon style
Birds Coloring Pages, Carton sparrow show print download
Carton sparrow
Birds Coloring Pages, Carton smile robin show print download
Carton smile robin
Birds Coloring Pages, Cartoon pigeot show print download
Cartoon pigeot
Birds Coloring Pages, Cartoon parrot show print download
Cartoon parrot
Birds Coloring Pages, Cartoon owl show print download
Cartoon owl
Birds Coloring Pages, Cartoon kiwi smile show print download
Cartoon kiwi smile
Birds Coloring Pages, Cartoon cuckoo show print download
Cartoon cuckoo
Birds Coloring Pages, Cartoon crow show print download
Cartoon crow
Birds Coloring Pages, Bird sitting on branch show print download
Bird sitting on branch
Birds Coloring Pages, Bird on tree branch show print download
Bird on tree branch
Birds Coloring Pages, Bird flying show print download
Bird flying
Penguin Coloring Pages, penguin family show print download
penguin family
Penguin Coloring Pages, penguin show print download
Owl Coloring Pages, Sleeping Owl show print download
Sleeping Owl
Owl Coloring Pages, Mandala owl show print download
Mandala owl
Parrot Coloring Pages, Kawaii parrot show print download
Kawaii parrot
Parrot Coloring Pages, Cute parrot show print download
Cute parrot

Tips for coloring Birds

When I colored the stork and quail, I found that having a good set of colored pencils and markers made all the difference. A fine-tip pen is also handy for those intricate details.


For the stork, I used a mix of whites and grays, with a splash of orange for the beak and legs. Quails, on the other hand, look great with a blend of browns and blues. Don’t be afraid to mix it up—these birds can be as colorful as you like!

Fun Facts

Birds are incredible creatures with some amazing abilities. Did you know that some birds can mimic human speech, like parrots? Or that hummingbirds can fly backwards? While coloring, keep these fun facts in mind to bring your feathered friends to life with personality and flair.

Character Inspiration

Thinking of popular characters can add a fun twist to your coloring. Consider characters like "Zazu" from "The Lion King" or "Tweety Bird" from "Looney Tunes." Imagining these characters can make the process more enjoyable and give your coloring a unique touch. Happy coloring!