Pig Coloring Pages

Last Update: 02/07/24
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Pigs are awesome animals that live on farms and sometimes in the wild. They have cute, round bodies, little curly tails, and they love to roll in the mud to stay cool. On this page, we’re going to learn all about pigs and their hobbies through fun coloring activities. Grab your crayons, pencils, or markers and let’s discover more about these amazing creatures together!

Pig Coloring Pages, Pig in suit show print download
Pig in suit
Pig Coloring Pages, Cartoon pig show print download
Cartoon pig
Pig Coloring Pages, cartoon piggy on grass show print download
cartoon piggy on grass
Pig Coloring Pages, cute pig thinking show print download
cute pig thinking

Pigs are super cute and they love it when you tickle their bellies with your paintbrushes! 🐷💖 Download our free coloring pages and print them out. Our adorable pigs can’t wait to be colored by you! 🎨✨

More Printable Pig Coloring Pages

Pig Coloring Pages, big coloring pig show print download
big coloring pig
Pig Coloring Pages, simple coloring, piggy show print download
simple coloring, piggy
Pig Coloring Pages, cartoon pig face, emoji pig show print download
cartoon pig face, emoji pig
Pig Coloring Pages, realistic pig face show print download
realistic pig face
Pig Coloring Pages, pig, "Zentangle" coloring style show print download
pig, "Zentangle" coloring style
Pig Coloring Pages, mosaic beautiful pig coloring page show print download
mosaic beautiful pig coloring page
Pig Coloring Pages, with cute piggy ears show print download
with cute piggy ears
Pig Coloring Pages, little piggy show print download
little piggy

Choosing Your Coloring Tools

First off, let’s talk about what you can use to color these piggies. Here are some of my favorite options:

  • Crayons: Perfect for younger kids. They’re easy to handle and come in lots of colors.
  • Colored Pencils: Great for adding details and shading. They give you more control, which is perfect for those realistic pigs.
  • Markers: These are super vibrant and make your cartoon piggies pop! Just be careful as they can bleed through the paper.
  • Watercolors: If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, watercolors can give your pigs a soft, unique look. Make sure your paper is thick enough to handle the water!

Picking the Perfect Colors

Now, let’s talk colors! Pigs come in various shades and hues. Here are some ideas:

  • Pink: The classic color for cartoon piggies. Light pinks for the body and darker pinks for the snout and ears.
  • Brown: Many real pigs have brownish coats. Try different shades to add depth.
  • White: Some pigs are almost completely white! Adding a touch of pink or brown can give them a more lifelike appearance.
  • Black: Black spots or even an entirely black pig can look super cool. Just use lighter colors for shading to add dimension.

Fun Fact About Pigs

Did you know that pigs are super smart? They’re considered one of the most intelligent animals, right up there with dolphins and chimpanzees! They love to play and explore, which is why you often see them depicted as curious and fun-loving in cartoons. Keeping this in mind can help you add personality to your piggy drawings. Maybe your pig is exploring a farm or playing in the mud!

My Piggy Coloring Experience

When I colored my first piggy, I went with a cute pink cartoon style. I used crayons for the body and added some funky, colorful spots with markers. For the realistic pig, I used colored pencils to get the shading just right and make it look more three-dimensional. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and tools – it makes your artwork unique!